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    Card Tricks is an ingenious mahjong interpretation that uses cards instead of tiles to provide the same kind of captivating gameplay in a brand new shape. The principle remains the same: you just need to draw and discard elements of the puzzle until you have the entire set of winning combinations. But this time tiles are replaced with cards making the game a lot more attractive for the fans of card games. Add to this cocktail such ingredients as classy graphics, a good plot, tons of elaborate levels, two game modes and you will get a splendid mahjong style puzzle.
    The game provides a captivating story line that lets you assume the role of the beginner magician. Start the career of illusionist from the very bottom to become an acknowledged adept of card magic and reach world fame. Will you be able to step up and pass the difficult challenges that lie on your way of conquering the world of card magic?
    Also the game features two game modes. The first allows taking as much time as you need to make a move and turns the game into a leisurely unraveling conundrum. The other provides a bit more exciting gameplay as you’ll feel the time pressure while the timer hastens you to make a decision.
    To diversify the gameplay Card Tricks presented an innovative system of bonuses that will spice up the game. Here and there appear balloons that carry bonuses helping you out if you stuck, extending limited time and doing all sorts of things to make the game more challenging. If you wish to immerse in the addictive mahjong style gameplay presented in a new manner and ornamented with nice visuals, then Card Tricks is exactly the kind of game you’re looking for.

2 differing game mode
More 60 mind-challenging levels
More 120 various figures to disappear
Bonuses, balloons and more

Registration Benefits
Unlimited gameplay
Access to all game levels
Technical support

System Requirements
Pentium 800 MHz or better
Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista
DirectX 7.0 or better
30 Mb free hard drive space
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Card Tricks
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